Issue Title
Vol 9, No 1 The MaCAIES method: a methodological proposal for the implementation of the flipped classroom in Higher Education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sergio Francisco Sargo Ferreira Lopes, Luís Manuel Borges Gouveia, Pedro Alexandre da Cunha Reis
Vol 8, No 3 The Teaching of Physics by Inquiry: The socioconstruction of knowledge to measure gravitational acceleration Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fábio Andrade de Moura, Rubens Silva
Vol 9, No 2 The elaboration of infographics about mining: in search of a contextualized Chemistry Teaching Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Francisco Zavaglia Marques, Keiciane Canabarro Drehmer Marques
Vol 9, No 3 Photography as a didactic resource to contextualize concepts of Analytical Chemistry Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fernanda Oliveira Lima, Marcia Borin Cunha
Vol 9, No 1 History and philosophy of science in chemical teaching: what's in circulation? Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Gisandro Cunha Ilha, Martha Bohrer Adaime
Vol 9, No 2 The food and nutrition education in question: developments in the initial formation of teacher educators Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Francisco Nunes de Sousa Moura, Raquel Crosara Maia Leite
Vol 8, No 1 Learning Objects and Maths Teaching: a mapping on resources used in the classroom Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria Eduarda Diniz Ferreira, Sergio Batista Oliveira, João Coelho Neto
Vol 9, No 2 Teaching continuing training for the use of ICT in the teaching and learning process Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Matheus Carvalho do Nascimento, Geórgia Regina Rodrigues Gomes
Vol 9, No 2 The study addressed as a teaching strategy the origin of life in high school Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Saullo Mendes Muller, Lucas Peres Guimarães
Vol 8, No 1 Art of teaching and the crossroads with the XV Meeting On Research In School Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luís Felipe Pissaia, Juliana Thomas, Sabrina Monteiro
Vol 8, No 7 Test about the Epistemological Obstacles presents in methodological strategies in Chemistry Teaching, a bibliography review Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcelo Henrique Freitas Saraiva Guerra, Ana Karine Portela Vasconcelos, Caroline de Goes Sampaio, Caroline de Goes Sampaio, Gabriela Clemente Brito Saldanha, Gabriela Clemente Brito Saldanha
Vol 8, No 12 Neuroscience and the teaching of mathematics: a study on learning styles and multiple Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Francisco Geovane da Silva Araújo, Daniel Brandão Menezes, Karoline de Souza Bezerra
Vol 7, No 1 The use of GeoGebra in a virtual learning environment Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Enir da Silva Fonseca, Magda de Oliveira Fernandes Fonseca
Vol 9, No 2 Didactics and multiprofessional health teaching: experience report Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Káren Maria Rodrigues da Costa, Maísa Ravenna Beleza Lino, Cássio Eduardo Soares Miranda, José Wicto Pereira Borges, Hilda Maria Martins Bandeira, Maria do Socorro Leal Lopes
Vol 9, No 1 Motivations for teaching and professional satisfaction: a study with teachers from the early years of Santa Maria, RS Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luciane Zamberlan Pasetto, Noemi Boer
Vol 9, No 2 Professional qualifications offered by the second-degree schools in the state of Rio Grande do Norte from 1971 to 1996 Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Nara Lidiana Silva Dias Carlos, Ilane Ferreira Cavalcante, Olívia Morais de Medeiros Neta
Vol 9, No 1 The relevance Multilevel Library in the fulfillment of the educational rights of users with visual and motor disabilities Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Erika Cristiny Brandão Ferreira Barbosa, Heloísa Beatriz Cordeiro Moreira
Vol 8, No 3 Communication in the middle school classroom: how the student understands the math teacher's speech Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jailson Lourenço de Pontes, Daiana Estrela Ferreira Barbosa, Pedro Lucio Barboza
Vol 7, No 2 Experience report: qualification of the university extension in the health area through contemporary teaching strategies Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luís Felipe Pissaia, José Cláudio Del Pino, Marli Teresinha Quartieri, Miriam Ines Marchi
Vol 8, No 1 Professional ethics and its teaching in undergraduate courses in the health area Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Luís Felipe Pissaia
Vol 9, No 2 Analysis of Paulo Freire’s influence on productions of graduate schools of the Federal University of Santa Maria (2009-2018) Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fabricio Luís Lovato, Bruna Tafarel Silva, Luciana Vescia Lourega, Deborah Karla Calegari Alves, Cristiane Muenchen
Vol 9, No 2 Graphmatica Software – Theory and practice in the incorporation of TDIC as a pedagogical tool Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Arianny de Sousa Lira, Francisco Hedyleno Coelho Bezerra, José Gleison Alves da Silva, Gilvandenys Leite Sales
Vol 9, No 1 Civil Engineering: Perceptions and perspectives of the first class of students of a College in the interior of of Rio Grande do Sul Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sabrina Monteiro, Clairton Edinei dos Santos, Luís Felipe Pissaia
Vol 8, No 11 Burns and Fires: a Study through Web Cartoons Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
João Pedro de Menezes Oliveira, Ricardo Shitsuka, Dorlivete Moreira Shitsuka
Vol 8, No 9 An analysis of gasparin's didactics: the possibility of pedagogical praxis? Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Francisco Euguenys Medeiros da Silva, Antônia de Abreu Sousa, Aline da Silva Pereira, Maria das Graças de Oliveira, Regina Nascimento Souto, Elenilce Gomes de Oliveira
Vol 9, No 1 From the board to the touch screen: the challenges of teaching History with digital artifacts Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria do Socorro Souza, Paulo Augusto Tamanini
Vol 7, No 7 Teaching of Mathematics in the initial years of Fundamental Teaching in Brazil: what the research presented in the XII ENEM-2016 Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Julia de Cassia Pereira Nascimento, Edda Curi
Vol 7, No 12 The meaning of the Instituto Federal Baiano in Local Development of Catu and Teixeira de Freitas Abstract  PDF
Valeria Santos Nascimento, Vanessa Brasil Campos Rodríguez
Vol 8, No 5 Intrumentation for chemistry education using low cost materials Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Karla Moreira Vieira, Pamela Carvalho Bernini, Bárbara Ribeiro de Paula, Diego Perdigão Martino, Diego Candido de Souza, Cecília Silva Monnerat, Sávio Figueira Correa
Vol 9, No 2 Experimental laboratory and problem solving: building chemical knowledge Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Mara Elisângela Jappe Goi, Flávia Maria Teixeira dos Santos
Vol 7, No 12 The reflections of a continued training proposal in the teacher's speech that exercise teaching with students classes Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Neiva Terezinha Chervenski Escobar, Janaína Pereira Pretto Carlesso
Vol 8, No 3 Reflections on fashion higher education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maryeli Corrêa Cheiram, Eliane Aparecida Galvão dos Santos, Janaína Pereira Pretto Carlesso
Vol 7, No 3 Teaching of technological courses by means of learning styles applied to statistics Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Ferreira de Souza, Alex Paubel Junger, José Felipe Ferreira de Souza, Luiz Henrique Amaral
Vol 8, No 1 The development of the teacher's virtues in the face of school violence Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sabrina Monteiro, Luís Felipe Pissaia, Luis Fernando da Veiga
Vol 7, No 11 The representations of public teaching in the article “Rudimentary schools” of Manoel Dantas Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Isabela Cristina Morais
Vol 8, No 3 The Waldorf Pedagogy contributions for the learning process and the neurologic development of children in elementary school Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Liliana Del Frari, Janaína Pereira Pretto Carlesso
Vol 7, No 1 Administrator skills: a study with academics of the administration course in the context of active learning Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sabrina Gorges, Ana Paula Pereira dos Passos, Helena Wollinger
Vol 8, No 11 Society Concern on Fire on Forests and Land Checked on Ciberspace Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Weberty Cristiano Cruz Silva, Ricardo Shitsuka, Dorlivete Moreira Shitsuka
Vol 7, No 9 The primary teaching on Rio Grande do Norte: reflections from the works of Maria Marta de Araújo and Nestor dos Santos Lima Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Arthur Cassio de Oliveira Vieira, Antonio Max Ferreira da Costa, Olivia Morais de Medeiros Neta
Vol 5, No 4 Second degree teaching in Rio Grande do Norte during the decades of 1970 and 1990 Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Nara Lidiana Silva Dias Carlos, Ilane Ferreira Cavalcante, Olívia Morais de Medeiros Neta
Vol 8, No 1 The inter-relationship between work, education and human training: implications in teaching in professional education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alyne Campelo da Silva, Ana Lúcia Sarmento Henrique, Olívia Morais de Oliveira Neta
Vol 7, No 8 Educational games as a strategy for teaching about inorganic salts: a card game of ions Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fabiana Aparecida de Lima Matavelli, Carmem Lúcia Costa Amaral
Vol 8, No 1 The Cave, by José Saramago: the impact of globalization in the world of work and education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Janete Allassia Drebes Wouters, Jose Henrique Pires Locateli, Eliane Aparecida Galvão dos Santos, Janaína Pereira Pretto Carlesso
Vol 9, No 2 Lifelong Learning and learning experiences in graduation Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
George de Salles Canfield, Taís Steffenello Ghisleni, Elsbeth Léia Spode Becker
Vol 8, No 3 Profile and sociocultural analysis of humanities teachers of the Military School of Santa Maria – RS Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Emerson Hartmann, Elsbeth Léia Spode Becker
Vol 7, No 8 Indicators of inquiry for the practice of teaching in public schools of Pará Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Carlos Jose Trindade da Rocha, Maisa Helena Altarugio, João Manoel da Silva Malheiro
Vol 8, No 12 Games as a science teaching strategy to address basic sanitation Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Deyse Almeida dos Reis, Niltom Vieira Júnior
Vol 8, No 2 Multimodality at school: analysis of the video clip “Through the eyes of a child”, by Emicida Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Eliza Adriana Sheuer Nantes, Adriana Giarola Ferraz Figueiredo, Antônio Kélisson Gondim da Silva, Gutemberg Carvalho Vieira da Silva, Jackson Smiderle, Ligia Fogolin Gargioni, Roberta Alves da Silva
Vol 5, No 3 Analysis of family and school partnership in the teaching and learning process resignification Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Joelma Moraes Silva, Eniel Espírito Santo
Vol 8, No 3 Use of recycled material for the construction of didactic material in the teaching of mathematics Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Shirley da Silva Macedo, Sávio Figueira Correa, Melissa Mara Oliveira Rocha, Rafaela Silva Miranda, Vinícius Borges Pires
Vol 7, No 10 Health education in the context of aging: in focus, the curricular contents Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rafael Rodolfo Tomaz de Lima, Rosana Lúcia Alves de Vilar, Thais Paulo Teixeira Costa, Janete Lima de Castro, Kenio Costa de Lima
Vol 8, No 3 Mathematics teacher and the use of technologies in teaching: reality x expectation Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ana Paula Florencio Ferreira Pontes, Noemita Rodrigues da Silva, Pedro Lúcio Barboza
Vol 8, No 3 Mathematical modeling: a methodological alternative for basic education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Noemita Rodrigues da Silva, José Joelson Pimentel de Almeida
Vol 8, No 1 The History and Philosophy of Science as a subsidy for a didactic strategy on radioactivity Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Lucas Peres Guimarães, Denise Leal de Castro
Vol 7, No 3 Co-teaching at school: a possible way for inclusive education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Paula de Sousa e Castro Noya Pinto, Renata Andrea Fernandes Fantacini
Vol 8, No 7 Construction of a Solar Distiller as an Alternative for the Development of Practical Classes in Teaching Chemistry Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Virna Pereira de Araújo, Ana Karine Portela Vasconcelos
Vol 8, No 4 Phillips 66: possibility of a pedagogical intervention Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Juliana Thomas, Luís Felipe Pissaia, Sabrina Monteiro, Juliana Coelho Araújo Nunes
Vol 8, No 6 Globalization in debate: report of a didactic sequence with elementary school students Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Natália Lampert Batista
Vol 8, No 1 Learning for Projects in Fundamental Teaching: strategy for understanding food pyramid Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ana Paula Santos de Lima, Phillip Vilanova Ilha, Rodrigo Couto Corrêa da Silva, Félix Alexandre Antunes Soares
Vol 8, No 4 Aspects of the teacher PhD's constitution in the Amazon in the 21st century: points and counterpoints Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Antonia Ediele de Freitas Coelho, Willa Nayana Correa Almeida, João Manoel da Silva Malheiro
Vol 8, No 2 Fashion school: media technologies and interdisciplinarity Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Caroline Manucelo Colpo, Marcele da Rosa Zucolotto
Vol 8, No 8 The Development Teaching Materials of Learning Technology based on Character Building Abstract  PDF
Noviana Desiningrum, Mustaji Mustaji, Andi Mariono, Endang Nuryasana
Vol 8, No 7 Knowledge of Physical Education students on Inclusive Education Enade/Brazil Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Antonio Evanildo Cardoso de Medeiros Filho, José Airton de Freitas Pontes Junior, Luciana Fialho Rocha Santa Rosa, Kelvia Sena de Santana, Rita de Cássia Barbosa Paiva Magalhães
Vol 8, No 7 Experimental activity as an educational tool in Chemistry in Middle school: a teaching proposal Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jorge Ricardo Almeida de Souza Filho, Ana Karine Portela Vasconcelos
Vol 7, No 6 Investigación-acción en estudiantes con dificultades psicosociales a través de terapias alternativas Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Claudio Boghi, Dorlivete Moreira Shitsuka, Caleb David Willy Moreira Shitsuka, Rabbith Ive Carolin Shitsuka Risemberg
Vol 8, No 5 Teacher training: construction of knowledge, dilemmas and challenges Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Edenar Souza Monteiro, Laureliza Santos, Cilene Maria Lima Antunes Maciel, Okçana Battini, Eliza Adriana Sheuer Nantes, Léia Laura de Souza Mendes
Vol 8, No 2 Digital literacy in Computing Vocational Course: considerations on the Course Pedagogical Project Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Samuel de Carvalho Lima, Kássio Roberto Brito Soares, Wigna Thalissa Guerra
Vol 5, No 1 Methodology and resources for the evaluation of the construction of knowledge about the concept of density and specific mass Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Tânia Inácio de Oliveira, Nádia Vilela Pereira, Cláudio Boghi, Juliano Schimiguel, Dorlivete Moreira Shitsuka
Vol 8, No 7 The importance of affectivity in the Occupational Therapy teaching pratice Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Eliane Caldas da Silva, Marcele Pereira da Rosa Zucolotto
Vol 7, No 4 Analysis of models: an alternative methodology of teaching characterized by a group of teachers of basic education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Emerson Silva de Sousa, Isabel Cristina Machado de Lara
Vol 8, No 1 The technique of ctrl + c and ctrl + v: a study on the practice of plagiarism in the academic environment between students of a brazilian university Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Priscilla Chantal Duarte Silva, Ricardo Luiz Perez Teixeira, Cristine Santos, Carine Gomes
Vol 3, No 1 Mathematics of mobile application in basic education for teaching children of fundamental I 1st to 3rd year Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Aldenia da Silva Marinho, Alexander Von Cernik Melo, Gianpierre Herrera Poggi, Marianne Bállico Kosiur, Wagner Rosa Marrane, Cláudio Boghi
Vol 9, No 2 The development of teaching material application based on visual basic program to enhance ability in drafting financial statements Abstract  PDF
Warya Satar, Sudjarwo - -, Pujiati - -
Vol 8, No 7 The Teaching of Physics through investigative activities on Newton's First Law Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fábio Andrade de Moura, Brendo Cruz Costa, Gabryell Malcher Freire
Vol 8, No 1 Contemporary challenges: the (des) motivation of pupils from a public school as to the learning process Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sabrina Monteiro, Luís Felipe Pissaia, Juliana Thomas
Vol 8, No 5 Construction of toys classes of Educational Robotics allied to the Teaching of Sciences Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Josilda dos Santos Nascimento Mesquita, Mirian Pacheco Silva Albrecht
Vol 3, No 1 Creativity and development of the creative thought in the studies of Torrance, Ostower and Majmutov Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Josefa da Conceição Silva, Hector José Garcia Mendoza, Adriana Regina da Rocha Chirone, Ana Acácia Araújo de Souza Eda
Vol 8, No 1 The theoretical and methodologial aspects os social representation about to teach: building teaching identities Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Diego do Rego, Erika Gusmão dos Reis Andrade
Vol 8, No 3 Conceptual Map and World Café: ressignificating the teaching of sciences for the argumentation Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Aldeni Melo de Oliveira, Simone Beatriz Reckziegel Henkes, Andreia Aparecida Guimarães Strohschoen
Vol 7, No 3 Teaching identity of teachers who works at the specialized education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rozana de Fátima Francisquini, Agenor Pina da Silva, João Ricardo Neves da Silva, Rita de Cássia Magalhães Trindade Stano
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