Issue Title
Vol 9, No 2 Tuning heuristics and convergence analysis of reinforcement learning algorithm for online data-based optimal control design Abstract  PDF
Fábio Nogueira da Silva, João Viana Fonseca Neto
Vol 9, No 2 Analysis of student learning difficulties of first high school series from a state school Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Francisco Euguenys Medeiros da Silva, Francisco Willian Coêlho Bezerra, Francisca Marjully Costa Silva, Patrício Trajano Rocha, Rafaelle Leite de Sousa, Francisca Sidma Ferreira de Souza, Pedro Bruno Silva Lemos
Vol 9, No 1 Distance learning in Brazil: some notes Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Stéfani Martins Fernandes, Leonardo Guedes Henn, Liane Batistela Kist
Vol 9, No 2 Problem-based learning and process modeling in teaching information systems Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cristiano Tolfo
Vol 9, No 2 Design research and geotechnologies in high school level under the view of transdisciplinarity Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Janainne Nunes Alves, Bruno Lopes de Faria
Vol 9, No 2 Using the Science Technology and Society approach: A dynamic and playful approach from a meaningful learning perspective in elementary school Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Francisco Vilar Vasconcelos, Marcio Matoso Pontes, Raphael Alves Feitosa
Vol 1, No 1 The learning theories’ knowledge applied in the performance of distance tutor Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fernanda Abreu de Moraes Figueiredo
Vol 9, No 1 History and philosophy of science in chemical teaching: what's in circulation? Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Gisandro Cunha Ilha, Martha Bohrer Adaime
Vol 8, No 2 Project Based Learning (PjBL) in engineering teaching: experience report on the discipline of Control Systems I at the Federal University of Mato Grosso Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Daniel Miranda Cruz, Ana Cláudia Franca Gomes
Vol 8, No 10 Evolution of the construction of a pedagogical model for m-learning activities Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ernane Rosa Martins, Luis Borges Gouveia
Vol 9, No 3 The use of Socrative application as an engagement tool in the learning process: an application of Digital Information and Communication Technologies in Physics’ education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marco Antonio Sanches Anastacio, Marcos Rincon Voelzke
Vol 9, No 2 Teaching continuing training for the use of ICT in the teaching and learning process Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Matheus Carvalho do Nascimento, Geórgia Regina Rodrigues Gomes
Vol 9, No 3 Sound waves in science education: as a learning facilitator Abstract  PDF (Español (España))
Henrique Marques Dourado Mendes, Ronaldo Eustáquio Feitoza Senra, Jeferson Gomes Moriel Junior, Stela Silva Lima, Geison Jader Mello
Vol 9, No 1 The relevance Multilevel Library in the fulfillment of the educational rights of users with visual and motor disabilities Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Erika Cristiny Brandão Ferreira Barbosa, Heloísa Beatriz Cordeiro Moreira
Vol 9, No 2 Historical dialectical materialism in the learning of the elderly person in the promotion of health care Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Maria Helena Gehlen, Jeferson Ventura, Claus Dieter Stobäus, Moises Evandro Bauer, Jerri Estevan Vacaro
Vol 9, No 1 The MaCAIES method: a methodological proposal for the implementation of the flipped classroom in Higher Education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sergio Francisco Sargo Ferreira Lopes, Luís Manuel Borges Gouveia, Pedro Alexandre da Cunha Reis
Vol 7, No 5 Digital games in educational contexts and multiple intelligences: approaches and contributions to learning Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Daniela Karine Ramos, Patrícia Nunes Martins
Vol 5, No 2 Perspectives of school inclusion of learning disorders in high school Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jander Temístocles de Oliveira, Ana Luiza Gomes Pinto Navas
Vol 8, No 3 Active learning of programming in engineering classes: an action reseach study Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Dorlivete Moreira Shitsuka, Adriana Soares Pereira, Ricardo Shitsuka, Claudio Boghi
Vol 9, No 2 Genetic didactic sequence using Digital Information of Comunication Technologies (DICT) for scientific literacy Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Lauren Caroline Lima Costa Ribeiro, Daniela Sachs, Milady Renata Apolinário Silva, Mikael Frank Rezende Junior
Vol 9, No 1 MOODLE as a support tool for the on-site modality at the Bela Vista Campus: Perception of Chemistry Degree Teachers Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Edione Teixeira de Carvalho, Francis-Elpi de Oliveira Nascimento
Vol 8, No 9 The Effect of Learning Model and Task Assessment Regarding Student Learning Outcomes of Science by Controlling Student Prior Knowledge Abstract  PDF
Supit Pusung
Vol 7, No 7 Teaching of Mathematics in the initial years of Fundamental Teaching in Brazil: what the research presented in the XII ENEM-2016 Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Julia de Cassia Pereira Nascimento, Edda Curi
Vol 7, No 3 Teaching of technological courses by means of learning styles applied to statistics Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
José Ferreira de Souza, Alex Paubel Junger, José Felipe Ferreira de Souza, Luiz Henrique Amaral
Vol 7, No 1 Administrator skills: a study with academics of the administration course in the context of active learning Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sabrina Gorges, Ana Paula Pereira dos Passos, Helena Wollinger
Vol 8, No 3 The Waldorf Pedagogy contributions for the learning process and the neurologic development of children in elementary school Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Liliana Del Frari, Janaína Pereira Pretto Carlesso
Vol 6, No 3 Teaching in Production Engineering based on the development of skills and competences Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alex Paubel Junger, Júlio Francisco Blumetti Facó
Vol 5, No 3 Analysis of family and school partnership in the teaching and learning process resignification Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Joelma Moraes Silva, Eniel Espírito Santo
Vol 9, No 1 Active methodologies: a possibiity for students multiliteracy Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Renato Brandão Welter, Denize da Silveira Foletto, Valéria Iensen Bortoluzzi
Vol 8, No 3 Use of recycled material for the construction of didactic material in the teaching of mathematics Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Shirley da Silva Macedo, Sávio Figueira Correa, Melissa Mara Oliveira Rocha, Rafaela Silva Miranda, Vinícius Borges Pires
Vol 8, No 3 Mathematics teacher and the use of technologies in teaching: reality x expectation Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ana Paula Florencio Ferreira Pontes, Noemita Rodrigues da Silva, Pedro Lúcio Barboza
Vol 9, No 2 Contents related to child and adolescent health in training Physical Education teachers Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Iriadelia Soraya Ribeiro Rabelo, Antonio Evanildo Cardoso Medeiros Filho, José Airton de Freitas Pontes Junior
Vol 7, No 12 Pedagogical practices and methodologies of teachers are fundamental in the literacy process Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ana Cristina Guedes de Oliveira, Weynice Godoy Coelho Mendes, Elaine Maria de Souza Paião
Vol 8, No 8 The Development Teaching Materials of Learning Technology based on Character Building Abstract  PDF
Noviana Desiningrum, Mustaji Mustaji, Andi Mariono, Endang Nuryasana
Vol 8, No 11 Utilization of statistical process control in an experimental activity at the Federal Institute of Ceará Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Antônia Clarycy Barros Nojosa, Caroline de Góes Sampaio, Eduardo da Silva Firmino, Marcelo Henrique Freitas Saraiva Guerra, Gabriela Clemente Brito Saldanha, Ana Karine Portela Vasconcelos
Vol 8, No 2 Math written production analysis as an assessment strategy and prospective teachers’ knowledge of content and students Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Edilaine Regina dos Santos, Bruno Rodrigo Teixeira
Vol 8, No 6 Activities screenplay for studying logarithms from the learning object LogCALC! Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Verusca Batista Alves, Georgyana Gomes Cidrão, Suziê Maria de Albuquerque, Francisco Wagner Soares Oliveira, Ana Carolina Costa Pereira
Vol 4, No 1 Constructive and investigative knowledge production in corrosion science practices Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ricardo Luiz Perez Teixeira, Cynthia Helena Soares Bouças Teixeira
Vol 9, No 2 The study addressed as a teaching strategy the origin of life in high school Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Saullo Mendes Muller, Lucas Peres Guimarães
Vol 8, No 1 Contemporary challenges: the (des) motivation of pupils from a public school as to the learning process Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sabrina Monteiro, Luís Felipe Pissaia, Juliana Thomas
Vol 8, No 12 Basic Education: Learning Difficulty, the teacher's perception and his pedagogical action with children in the final grades of kindergarten and early elementary school Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cláudia Stefany de Oliveira, Flávia Rodrigues Barbosa, Lucimara Lofiego, Rosemary Romão, Ana Cristina Guedes de Oliveira
Vol 4, No 1 Virtual distance tutor: information manager or knowledge manager? Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Elisabete Amadeu Montero
Vol 8, No 1 Human Resources Training For Organ Procurement in Transplantations: Distance Learning Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Simone Lysakowski, Rita Catalina Aquino Caregnato, Aline Winter Sudbrack
Vol 4, No 3 Case study: active learning methodology approach in corrosion and science practices Abstract  PDF
Ricardo Luiz Perez Teixeira, Cynthia Helena Soares Bouças Teixeira
Vol 7, No 12 The Simulated Jury as a Teaching Strategy for high school students Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Sabrina Monteiro, Luís Felipe Pissaia, Juliana Thomas
Vol 3, No 2 Virtual learning environments as mediation in the accompanying of the curriculum stage in the distance mode Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Priscila Bernardo Martins, Juliano Schimiguel, Edda Curi, Carlos Adriano Martins
Vol 8, No 3 Teaching of sciences and mathematics: an analysis of theses of the south of Brazil Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alana Rodrigues Rigão, Greice Scremin
Vol 8, No 8 Case study on cooperative learning in a State School of Professional Education in Pentescoste-CE Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Paulo César da Silva Rocha, Regina Nascimento Souto, Sandro César Silveira Jucá, Solonildo Almeida da Silva
Vol 8, No 5 Potentials and challenges of application of active methodologies in Physiotherapy teaching: student vision Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Melissa Negro-Dellacqua, Paulo Marcondes Carvalho Junior, Antonio Reis de Sá-Junior, Tiago Bortolotto, Franciely Vanessa Costa, Iane Franceschet de Sousa
Vol 3, No 1 Partnership between a private university and a company: a study case Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Eliza Catarina Bezerra Cunha, Mário Franco
Vol 9, No 3 The role of the trainer in the continuing education process: trainers or informants Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Simoni Pereira Borges, Edione Teixeira de Carvalho
Vol 8, No 3 The brain that learns: an experience withreading practices in the early years of schooling Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Silvana Costabeber Guerino, Janaína Pereira Pretto Carlesso
Vol 8, No 8 Reflections on the traditional teaching of Chemistry and a comparison between the teaching mechanisms: field demonstration and interactive simulation software Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Antonio Caian de Sousa Silva, Aldayr de Oliveira Monteiro, Solonildo Almeida da Silva, Sandro César Silveira Jucá, Caio Victor Pereira Pascoal
Vol 2, No 1 Institutional evaluation: politicies of evaluation of distance learning in Brazil Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rosana Horschutz, Rosangela Martins Carrara, Sérgio Ricardo de Oliveira Araújo
Vol 8, No 3 Communication in the middle school classroom: how the student understands the math teacher's speech Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Jailson Lourenço de Pontes, Daiana Estrela Ferreira Barbosa, Pedro Lucio Barboza
Vol 8, No 5 How the family deals with the child’s learning difficulty in the face of his/her poor school performance? Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rosa Maria da Motta Azambuja
Vol 8, No 7 Gamification as a teaching practice Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Marcelo Schaedler Massário, Carlos Henrique da Costa Barreto, Graziela Frainer Knoll, Taís Steffenello Ghisleni
Vol 8, No 5 Academic perception on teaching approach of a multi-criteria decision making technique in the transportation engineering degree Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Rodolfo Benedito Zattar da Silva
Vol 9, No 2 Innovation in teaching through technologies associated with learning styles Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Márcio Eugen Klingenschmid Lopes dos Santos, Alex Paubel Junger, Gilmar Cardozo de Jesus, Sidinei de Andrade, Luiz Henrique Amaral
Vol 8, No 7 The use of augmented reality applied in teaching Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Danilo Krebs Teles, Marcele Pereira da Rosa Zucolotto, Taís Steffenello Ghisleni
Vol 8, No 4 KAHOOT: A Pedagogical Resource to Gamify the Portuguese Language Class Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ricardo dos Santos Noia, Eduardo de Jesus Dias, Thiago dos Santos Horta, Juliano Schimiguel, Carlos Fernando de Araujo Jr.
Vol 9, No 1 Teaching intelligent agents through game problems Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Gustavo Augusto Silva, Luis Otavio Rigo Júnior
Vol 8, No 4 A proposal to use Instagram in methodology applicable in High School disciplines Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Francielli de Fatima dos Santos David, Amanda Borges Aparecida da Silva, Gabriel Baldasso, Cássio Henrique de Souza Marculino, João Victor de Almeida, Samuel Bueno Soltau
Vol 8, No 10 Re-designing the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Approach for Academic Writing Students Abstract  PDF
Ninuk Lustyantie, Fernandes Arung, Dhinar Ajeng Fitriany
Vol 8, No 12 Analyses of the Learning of concepts of the Astronomy in Elementary Education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Roberta Izabella de Moraes e Poffo, Marcos Rincon Voelzke, Josué Antunes de Macêdo
Vol 8, No 4 Conceptual questions of a teacher about the teaching and learning process of mathematics in basic education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Edel Alexandre Silva Pontes
Vol 8, No 12 The Use of Digital Technologies in Teaching Contexts: Scratch, Logo, and Learning Objects Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
João Coelho Neto, Juliana Tais da Silva Marcomini, Lorena Gomes Bueno
Vol 9, No 2 A produção de sabão como recurso pedagógico para o ensino de funções orgânicas Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Antônio Wauleson Pereira, Pamela Rayssa Diogenes Fernandes, Ayla Márcia Cordeiro Bizerra
Vol 9, No 1 The Teacher's role in Inclusive Education of Deaf Students in High School Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Valdenira Carlos da Silva, Kelly Souza de Oliveira, Francisca Suely Vieira Carneiro, Célia Maria Freitas Guedes Amorim
Vol 8, No 11 State Of Knowledge Study From The Chemical Experiment Theme Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Antonio Marley de Araújo Stedile, Caio Rômulo Freitas Silva, Jorge Ricardo Almeida de Souza Filho, Ana Karine Portela Vasconcelos, Maria Cleide da Silva Barroso, Caroline de Goes Sampaio, Leidy Gabriela Ariza Ariza
Vol 8, No 11 Gesture Recognition in Images Using Neural Networks Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
André Ricardo Nascimento das Neves, Hugo Kenji Rodrigues Okada, Ricardo Shitsuka
Vol 9, No 1 Concept Maps and promoting active classroom participation Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Cristiano Tolfo
Vol 8, No 11 Strategies for the elaboration of a gamed activity script Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Darkson Ferdandes da Costa, Jeirla Alves Monteiro, Juscileide Braga de Castro, Antônio de Lisboa Coutinho Júnior, Gilvandenys Leite Sales
Vol 9, No 1 Problem Solving as an Investigative Methodology in Natural Science Teaching Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Denise Rosa Medeiros, Mara Elisângela Jappe Goi
Vol 8, No 11 Informatics and Philosophy: The Development of a Computational Game as a Learning Process Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ricardo Shitsuka, João Uilson Vieira Filho, Ronilson de Sousa Lopes
Vol 9, No 1 Dissemination of learning organizational in public academies of higher and technical education Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alex Paubel Junger, Antônio Carlos de Alcântara Thimóteo, Cristiane Gomes de Carvalho Fontana, Riquiane Silva Gallina, Fernanda Silva Damato
Vol 8, No 11 Didactic engineering as a tool for the design of a learning object applied to the teaching of probability Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Ana Maria Silva Guedes, Thamires Silva Aquino de Souza, Italândia Ferreira de Azevedo, Wedson Francelino Ribeiro Noronha, Francisco Régis Vieira Alves
Vol 8, No 11 Teaching, learning and the school environment in the approach of chemistry concepts Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Alexandra Geronimo Lopes de Souza, Sheila Pressentin Cardoso
Vol 8, No 6 Interactive and experimental classes as a facilitator of the teaching-learning process of sound waves Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Fábio Andrade de Moura, Walmir Benedito Reis Tavares, Onivaldo Carvalho dos Santos
Vol 8, No 4 Gamification: a practice of education 3.0 Abstract  PDF (Português (Brasil))
Carlos Henrique da Costa Barreto, Elsbeth Léia Spode Becker, Taís Steffenello Ghisleni
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