The opportunities of humanities alumnus to develop career in oil and gas company

Clara Ayu Paramitha, Siti Devitra Ramanda, Robi Jaya Putra


Humanities as considered as knowledge field dealing with culture, language, and art. People who are studying in the field of humanities believe that it will more difficult in getting job after stated to be graduated, especially to work in Oil and Gas Company. The difficulties are due to the knowledge is an applied knowledge. This research is aimed to know whether or not the chances for Humanities to compete in Gas and Oil Company. The method used here is descriptive qualitative in which used to analysed the fact and condition happened. The result obtained from this research is that there are still opportunities for humanities alumnus to compete or even build career in the Gas and Oil Company, yet the alumnus should gain more experience and knowledge.


Career; Humanities; Job Opportunities; Oil and Gas Company.

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